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The New Charter of Athens 2003

The New Charter of Athens: A Charter for European Cities in the 21-st Century , was first published in 1998 and is regularly reviewed and redeveloped. Latest updates were performed during the summit of The European Council of Town Planners´ Vision for Cities in the 21-st century in Lisbon, at 20-th November 2003.


The Mission Statement of the Network of Spatial Planning Research Institutes ( in Europe is a self-interest network integrating Central and Eastern European institutes and organisations active in the field of spatial research and planning. Each member institute is represented by its director and/or delegated persons. The network is continuously growing and is open to adopt new members.



The main objective is to concentrate on novel approaches to strategic planning in all relevant levels of decision making respecting challenges streaming from the complexity and uncertainty in particular in global environmental changes and urban governance and on trans-disciplinary research in the field of institutional, behavioural and ecological economics.


Competitivness of Bratislava-Vienna Metropolitan Region

Spectra, Centre of Excellence and FORBES Slovakia are organizing the regular Business Leaders Club under the headline „Competitivness of Bratislava-Vienna Metropolitan Region“. The event will be held on Wednesday, 30th April 2014 at 16.30 in Park Inn Danube Hotel. Key speakers of the rounde table discussion will be prof. Maroš Finka (Spectra, Centre of Excellence), prof. Rudolf Giffinger (TU Wien) and dr. Peter Gero (Hamburg). We expect an invaluable and intensive discussion on various topics related to Bratislava-Vienna region.